Ibrahim Mogra on Anger Management

A man once asked the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) for some advice. He said, “Do not get angry.” The man asked for more advice and Muhammad kept repeating the same advice. I have often wondered why he did not add any other piece of advice. Upon reflection, I have found that many of the things that happen around us which cause us problems are by and large as a result of people not being able to control their anger. Perhaps that is why anger management has become a lucrative business for some. Anger is the inferno of the heart, the desire to take revenge and the loss of one’s dignity and good manners. Anger encompasses all evil. If a person wants to be of good character then they must first learn to control their anger. When a person gets angry then they are not bothered about the foolish and violent way in which they behave. This is why the strong person in reality is the one who manages to control his or her anger and not the one who acts upon it. Muhammad (pbuh) said, “The strong person is not the one who defeats his or her opponent in a wrestling match, but the strong person is the one who controls himself or herself when angry.” He also said, “There are three things which if they are found in a person God will give them protection, shower them with His mercy and enter them into His love; the person who when he or she gives (to the needy) is thankful and the person who forgives when he or she has the power to avenge, and the person who controls his or her anger when angered.”

Dear God, save us from anger. Make us of those who are slow to get angry and quick to forgive, amin.


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