Ibrahim Mogra on Ramadan and Self-discipline

Muslims all over the world have begun Ramadan. Each year every healthy adult Muslim fasts during this month from dawn to sunset. This year the fasts will be about nineteen hours long. What’s the point one might ask? The Qur’an informs Muslims that fasting is nothing new and that other communities before them also fasted. The whole purpose of fasting is to help us become more God conscious, to try and become more righteous, to remind ourselves that God watches our every move. Lunch time arrives, the fridge is stocked with food, I’m all by myself, yet despite my hunger

I do not eat because I know God is watching me. If I can remember this every time I intend to do something which is displeasing to God, it might stop me from doing it. The lessons of Ramadan, if learnt well, should last us for eleven months helping us to stay on the straight and narrow, to remain connected with God, to be disciplined at all times just like during Ramadan. It is a season like spring when everything blossoms after wilting away. Our connection with God wilts and withers throughout the year, Ramadan is a time to make it fresh and strong once again. This is indeed a special month. The Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the first ten days are days of receiving God’s special mercy, the middle ten days are of receiving God’s forgiveness and the last ten days of receiving emancipation from the hellfire.

Dear God, strengthen our bond with You, make us righteous, shower us with Your mercy, forgive us our sins and save us from the hellfire, amin.


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