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Islamic Extremism

Shaykh Mogra again sits down with the people at the Big Questions Talk show to talk about Islamic Extremism and British Society. The video’s below come in 3 parts. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 These videos were provided by the Centre of Social Cohesion.


Shaykh Mogra talks about Terrorism on the Big Questions Talk Show. A heated debate takes place regarding events such as 9/11 and 7/7. This video was provided by the Muslim Council of Britain.

Is Islam Compatible With British Culture? by Sunderland ISOC

Shaykh Mogra goes to speak at the Sunderland Islamic Society in this video, talking about issues regarding integration and the clashes between British and Islamic culture. This video was provided by SunderlandISOC. Shaykh Mogra would like to thank the Sunderland Islamic Society for inviting him to speak at this great event.

Are Many God’s Better Than One?

Shaykh Mogra speaks on the Big Questions talk show about Islam, monotheism and god. He is also joined by various other religious leaders in this light hearted but very interesting debate about religion, culture, society and more importantly – faith. This video is provided by the AikenHead.

Madrasah and the United Kingdom

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra talks to Salma Yakub on the Politics and Media show about the issue of Madrasahs in the United Kingdom and what impact they have on our children and community. Date: 5/12/11 This video is provided by 1IslamChannel.

Give Your Misconceptions by the Surrey Islamic Society

Shaykh Mogra visits the Surrey Islamic Society to talk about the issue of Misconception and Islam with a mix of students from around the region. This video was created by the Surrey Islamic Society. Shaykh Mogra would like to thank all of them for inviting him to speak at this great event. Date: