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Ibrahim Mogra on the Art of Parenting

Parenting is the world’s greatest challenge and also the greatest joy which can be fulfilling and rewarding. Different skills are required for small children and for teenagers. Little ones need more care and attention and at times stern discipline. Teenagers have a mind of their own. They want freedom; make their own decisions which we … Continue reading

Ibrahim Mogra on Kindness to Parents

The command of kindness to parents is second only to worshipping God. They brought us into this world and looked after us when we were helpless babies. Their constant love, care and devotion helped us to become what we are today. How can we ever repay them? The Qur’an says, “Your Lord has decreed that … Continue reading

Ibrahim Mogra on Ramadan and Self-discipline

Muslims all over the world have begun Ramadan. Each year every healthy adult Muslim fasts during this month from dawn to sunset. This year the fasts will be about nineteen hours long. What’s the point one might ask? The Qur’an informs Muslims that fasting is nothing new and that other communities before them also fasted. … Continue reading

Ibrahim Mogra on Caring for women

Today, the 25th of November is the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. An alarmingly increasing number of men are using violence against women. It is totally unacceptable that mothers, wives, daughters and sisters are violently abused by male relatives and others. The Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught … Continue reading

Ibrahim Mogra on Asylum Seekers

In the recent political wrangling about our immigration policies and border controls I sensed the danger of genuine and legitimate asylum seekers and immigrants being neglected and treated badly. The reality is that they are now in our country and whilst they are here they are our neighbours and we have a duty to care … Continue reading

Ibrahim Mogra on Racism in Football

The recent allegations of racism in football demonstrate that skills and ability on the pitch are no protection against racism. Every club that is committed to show racism the red card is to be applauded. We must all learn to respect others as fellow human beings regardless of their creed or colour. Football grounds and … Continue reading